passing through

I like to think that at heart I’m really a black-and-white sort of guy. Not in my worldview, but in photography. B&W is all about form and shape, without any of that distracting color. B&W is visceral. You see the shot and it passes directly from your eyes through your balls and straight to the finger on the shutter. B&W is Tom Waits.

I like to think that at heart I’m a black-and-white sort of guy…but I’m not. Oh, I can get close to it now and then—I can visit the territory, but I don’t belong there and I’ll never be a resident. I do enjoy passing through, though.

3 thoughts on “passing through

  1. What a great way to describe Tom Waits. I have to admit I’d be sad if you totally gave up color, though, Greg. That red snowdisc. Some of those blues you’ve caught. But I do enjoy those rich darks and pops of light in your B&W work. I just really enjoy that you get a full rich range of values from light to dark when you want, and then on some images, they’re just so subtle and even and restrained in their use of value, they just hint at what you could do if you were in the mood. heh.


  2. Oh man, I just remembered that the cover of Tom Waits’ album Rain Dogs was a b&w photo by Anders Petersen. I wonder if that was somehow floating around in my head when I wrote this?


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