this writing gig

I’m about 85% finished with a short story and, as usual, I’m not particularly pleased with it. But that’s how it works for me–I get about 85% finished and I start to think it’s an absolutely stupid story. It’s not just stupid, I tell myself, it’s dull. But usually I bang on through and finish the damned thing, and in the end the story does sometimes turn out to be stupid and dull, but most often not. But I’m aware that my judgment at this point in the process is suspect, to say the least.

What’s worrying, though, is that this happened with another short story about three weeks ago. I was about 85% finished, didn’t like it, but instead of banging through I decided to set it aside and start a new one. Now it’s happening again–I’m at that 85% mark, and I’ve got a half-formed idea for a new story that interests me immensely.

So what to do? Put this one aside and write the one I’m interested in? If I do, what happens when I’m 85% finished with the new new story and I get the urge to put it aside? Or do I finish the impossibly stupid and dull story I don’t want to work on (which is probably not nearly as stupid or dull as I think it is)?

This writing gig is hard.

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