‘i just didn’t want to’

He has speech writers. We’ve all seen The West Wing, we know there’s a department in the White House for people who carefully craft the president’s speeches — who take the president’s thoughts and ideas, and use them as a framework for a speech. But, as in everything else, Comrade Trump thinks he knows better.

So instead of giving a speech reassuring the American public that he’s doing everything the doctors tell him in order to return to the White House, Trump presents a rambling, unfocused, semi-dishonest, off-the-cuff monologue. In it, he says”

“I had no choice, because I just didn’t want to stay in the White House. I was given that alternative. Stay in the White House, lock yourself in. Don’t ever leave…I can’t do that. I had to be out front.”

This is maybe the most honest thing Trump has ever said to the American public. “I just didn’t want to. I had to be out front.” He just didn’t want to wear a mask or follow the medical protocols that could keep him and his supporters safe. He had to be out in front of an audience of admiring supporters.

That attitude not only led us to a body count of over two hundred and ten thousand American citizens, it not only led us to economic disaster, it not only led us to a housing crisis and an education system in turmoil, it also led us to the craziest goddamn moment to date in administration filled to the brim with crazy goddamn moments. I’m talking about that appalling scene at the White House when Trump returned from Walter Reed in Bethesda.

They planned this. Some deranged group of people in the White House — probably the same group that thought it would be good optics for Trump to stand in front of a church and hold up a Bible for 45 seconds — thought it would be dramatic for Trump to leave Marine One, climb the steps to the Truman Balcony, present himself to the American people, and take off his mask.

And hey, they were right. It was dramatic. It was dramatically stupid. It was dramatically offensive. It was dramatically arrogant and dramatically undermined any notion that Trump had learned a damned thing from his time at Walter Reed. Or that he’d learned a damned thing during his three and a half years as POTUS. In fact, it dramatically undermined the notion that Trump had ‘beaten’ Covid; he was clearly struggling to breathe as he stood on the balcony.

He took off his mask, people. He has Covid — an infectious disease spread primarily through airborne particles emitted through the mouth and nose — and he took off his mask to show the world…what? That he was tough? That he was courageous? That he was manly?

What Comrade Trump showed the world was that he was still the same arrogant, ignorant, feckless yobbo he’s always been. It showed the world he still doesn’t give a rat’s ass for anybody other that himself.

The butcher’s bill at this moment stands at 213,462 dead in the United States. Last night 421 Americans died from Covid. Four hundred people died from Covid last night. We’re seven months into the pandemic. It’s not going to get better until we can get people to stop spreading the virus. And that actively contagious fucker stood on the Truman Balcony and took off his mask.

24 thoughts on “‘i just didn’t want to’

      • Prove it.

        I know…you believe public health agencies are just making it all up in order to…what? Undermine Trump? Grow up.


      • Greg, maybe you should grow up. so far in simple studies it has shown that upwards of 30% of reported covid deaths are not covid deaths at all. Now it is not about Trump it is about money. Hospitals get a bunch of extra $$ for any patient treated that is listed to have covid or died of covid. You can turn a blinds eye all you want but you would be wrong here.


      • That’s utter bullshit, Billy. Claiming the deaths of Covid patients who have co-morbidities aren’t Covid deaths is like claiming a guy with kidney disease who dies in a car accident died from the kidney disease.

        And hospitals get more money for treating Covid patients because Covid patients requires more care and treatment. This is NOT difficult to understand.


      • It is not utter bullshit. The vast majority of the deaths are people that would have passed away this year anyways based on their poor health. If they caught the flu or any other virus they would have met the same fate. Which of course brings us to the old folks homes that were death traps thanks to Cuomo, but again, you blame Trump for that.

        I do not recall Trump telling the mayors and governors to put covid patients in the same place at the most vulnerable, do you?


  1. So you do not blame Cuomo in NY for the 10’s of thousands of people he killed by putting covid patients in nursing homes? You do not blame Pelosi for telling people to just go out to China town after Trump closed the border? You do not blame the Chinese for creating and releasing this virus? Instead you blame Trump for what exactly? What exactly did he do? What more could he have done? Would the country had been better off if we created even more mass hysteria? I mean shortages of TP, water, eggs, all canned goods, pasta, yeast, and so much more were just the tip of the iceberg.

    Granted, since you guys on the left, including the media, always say the exact opposite of what Trump says, even to your own and the countries detriment, if Trump had told everyone to panic and fear for their lives, the media may have just downplayed it and things would be more normal.

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    • <Instead you blame Trump for what exactly?

      I blame him for ignoring the science when it comes to public health matters. I blame him for ignoring the economists when it comes to protecting small businesses during a global pandemic. I blame him for willfully and deliberately undermining the public trust in government agencies at a time when we most need to trust the government. I blame him for being an egocentric, self-centered, ignorant sociopath who doesn’t give a damn about the lives of ordinary Americans.


      • Trump is not in control of the states. What EXACTLY was Trump supposed to do differently? He cannot make laws, he could not force everyone to wear a mask and stay indoors. What did you want him to do other than create more panic?

        Which agency did you trust less? Which agency were you smitten with until Trump said “do not trust XYZ agency”?

        And what was Trump supposed to do about governors shutting down their cities and states? Was Trump supposed to order the printing of trillions of dollars to just hand out to people?

        Just be honest with us and with yourself for a half a second. It would not have mattered what Trump did because you would still be bitching about it non-stop. Just like all the dems did when he closed up travel to China. He was called every name in the book. Pelosi went to her local China town to encourage everyone to come on out during this pandemic and socialize in your favorite Chinese place. Just be honest for a change and admit no matter what he did you would be opposed to it. You have yet to blame the state’s governors or mayors for their responses so I know your opinion is 100% politically based.


      • Trump is not in control of the states.

        Covid isn’t a state problem; it’s a national problem and needs a national strategy. When we were attacked on 9-11, President Bush didn’t decide to let each state set its own anti-terrorism response — he developed a national response. That took the needs and demands of the individual states into consideration, but the state responses were organized and managed to meet national needs. During the national financial crisis of 2008, President Obama didn’t tell the individual states they were on their own; he established a national response, which took the needs of the individual states into account, but maintained national control.

        Trump should have instituted a national plan grounded in solid epidemiological practice: widespread frequent testing and contact tracing. Treatment AFTER somebody gets sick is important, but to stop the pandemic we need to control the spread of the virus. As much as possible, we need to PREVENT people from getting infected to begin with.

        Epidemics aren’t a partisan issue any more than terrorism is. The same fundamental epidemiological practices that will retard the spread of Covid in Democrat-controlled Manhattan will do the same in Republican-controlled Fort Worth. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands.


      • If it was a national problem why do some states have nearly no deaths while other states have 100’s of times more?

        And there was a national plan but you just REFUSE to acknowledge it. There was no national option to shut down states as each state and city can be vastly different. Telling states that have massive amounts of space compared to places like LA and NY, there is no one size fits all plan. What Trump did do was make the federal government available. He worked with private industry to produce the items needed to combat this.

        Your 20/20 hindsight as to how this all should have been handle is lovely and all but it is just that, Monday morning quarterbacking. The president had the brightest and best in front of the American people DAILY with science backed information, suggestions, concerns, etc. But the media decided this was just a show for Trump and that the American people should not take these meetings serious because that harkened it to Trump rallies.

        Again, lest you forget, it was the dems who balked at closing borders to prevent the virus from coming in, not Trump.

        And as for contact tracing, there was no way on God’s green Earth were you going to get 300+ million people to willingly give up medical information to the government to track their every move to counter something that was changing every day in terms of what and how it was transmitted, how long it could survive airborne or on surfaces.

        Oh, and as for Obama’s response to H1N1, remember it was coming into the US from Mexico where it was running rampant. But did Biden and Obama close teh southern border to protect Americans? Nope.
        Then Biden stepped in it when he essentially trashed the airline industry claiming he would not fly because they were basically death traps where if one person sneezes everyone get it. The Obama admin was on cleanup duty trying to fix that one for a while after the airline industry had their say with the administration.

        Also, since H1N1 targeted younger people, such as kids, Obama never called for the shutdown of schools. He did mention they should close a particular school if they already had an outbreak, but that is a little late in the game. See both of us can play Monday Morning QB.

        You just want to blame Trump because you hate Trump.


      • Billy, I’ll respond this last time, then I’m done. You can educate yourself.

        why do some states have nearly no deaths while other states have 100’s of times more?

        You should be able to figure this out on your own. What’s the population of Wyoming? Half a million or so? What’s the population of NYC? Close to eight million. What’s the population density of Wyoming? Maybe 10 people per square mile? And NYC? 27,000 per square mile. How is the virus is spread? Do the math.

        there was a national plan but you just REFUSE to acknowledge it.

        Under Obama there was a detailed national plan. Under Trump there were the first two steps of a national plan, and HE refused to follow through on them.

        Step One — the travel restrictions. Despite what Trump says publicly, there was common agreement that travel from Asian and European nations should be restricted to slow the spread of the virus. The operative term there is ‘slow’ because the virus was already IN the US by that time. Also remember, there was a time period between when Trump announced the restrictions and when they were imposed, which allowed some 40 thousand people to arrive from China — none of whom were examined for fever or other early symptoms.

        Step Two — testing and contact tracing. Instead of using the World Health Organization’s test, Trump decided to create a new one. But we should have been using existing tests, even if they were imperfect. A month or so went by in which we didn’t test anybody, which allowed the virus to spread nationally. We’ve done almost no organized contact tracing — which despite your claim that it would involve ‘medical information’ only means learning who was in close contact with an infected person.

        Even now the White House, which is a current Covid hot spot, is refusing to do any contact tracing in regard to the super-spreader event in the Rose Garden.


      • Again, 20/20 hindsight makes everyone brilliant.
        Trump was called what for closing travel with China when he did?
        Can you imagine the outrage had he closed travel with all of Europe? He would have been called every name in the book by the left and the media and you would have probably had a lovely blog post about how the irrational Trump is showing his hatred for our European allies. I know how this works, I have seen it for a loooooong time.

        Had the media focused on everything that Obama got wrong instead of focusing on the things he got right, you might be equally upset about his failures.

        And yes, thanks for proving my point, the states are vastly different, that’s why the death rates are vastly different and why a national mandate would not have done any more than what was already being done.


    • Of course you are. Because the left cannot win in the arena of ideas, they have to cheer on the death of their opponent in order to win.

      Trump’s greatest accomplishment will go down as exposing the left for the racist, hateful, bigoted, socialist, anti-American people they really are. You are now showing us publicly what we always knew to be true, and you just do not care. There is not an bone in your body that feels any guilt in relishing in the potential death of another person you do not agree with politically.

      Thanks for finally being honest about part of what you really are.


  2. Oh Dear Greg, you are soooooo miss-informed, and you have the Main Stream media to blame for that because they put out their Talking Points at 4 a.m.and you can move from channel to channel and see everyone parroting that same Main Stream media narrative. Try this:www.magapill.com Guv e yourself a break! Hate will kill you.


    • Great…another conspiracy theorist. You actually believe somebody somewhere is giving every news agency a list of talking points every morning at 0400? Lawdy.


      • Check it out Greg, listen to all the channels on any given day, ALL spewing the exact same narrative. The next day, listen again, the exact same narrative but different from yesterday’s narrative.


      • You mean like if the CDC reports 900 people died of covid-19, then all the major news agencies report that 900 people have died of covid-19? If NOAA reports a tropical storm has become a hurricane, than all the major news stances report there’s a hurricane? That really is suspicious.


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    Did anyone expect different? Not this one here … no more surprises! He’s shown all wo and what he is!! … “What Comrade Trump showed the world was that he was still the same arrogant, ignorant, feckless yobbo he’s always been. It showed the world he still doesn’t give a rat’s ass for anybody other that himself.”

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    • The fact that you still use “comrade” as if it means anything shows how much you suffer from TDS. The fact that you have zero problem with the monies paid top Biden’s son and the fact that his family has enriched itself thanks to his position in government while at the same time blasting Trump’s family for enriching themselves through being business people and build businesses.

      Tell me, are you one of those who plans on leaving the country when Trump wins?


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